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  • Tanztheater
  • Running time: 30'

The story A homeless person discovers a street corner that he chooses as a temporary refuge. 2 barriers simbolise the doors of his universe, a bridge transforms into a boat and a sculpture becomes his traveling companion... This show is built as a visuel poem, its rhythm marked by the snow that falls from time to time... a little... a little more... until the storm. At the end, everything turns white except the red of the umbrella, like a poppy in a field of snow... a sign of hope. The search I have the feeling that all the artistic influences that have nourished me until now, have come together to form a specific and unique language at the service of emotions and the relationship with the public. Concentrating on the impulse of the gesture, of the emotion, more than the gesture itself, I wish to arrive at a choreographic language of great simplicity that shows us the inner life of the character, the state that he goes through and that he creates with the public. With "Poetical Refugee" I am looking for the shortest route between the soul and the gesture. What's most important to me in this new work is, through my character, to find a state that invites time to stand still and in this way to give the gesture meaning. My character of a homeless person, a metaphor of vulnerability, dreams that his world becomes meaningful and beautiful once again, and this takes me to my fundamental artistic and human challenge: to find authenticity and humility, to share simple emotions and true moments of theatrical magic.


Company Claire Ducreux

A show by
Claire Ducreux

Barcelona, España

Claire Ducreux obtained the diploma from the CNSM in the discipline of contemporary dance in 1992.

From 1992 to 1995 she danced in different dance companies: Cie Marie-Claire Decavel, Cie Marie Coquil, Cie Pedro Pauwells, Cie Marie-Anne Thil, Cie Myriam Dooge...

In 1999 she created the company Leandre-Claire with the catalan clown Leandre Ribera; Together they created "Fragile" a street show (winning the following prizes: 1rst prize of the jury of "Festival de Teatro y Arte de Calle de Valladolid", 1rst prize of the public of "XIII Festival de teatro de calle de Vila-Real", and 2nd prize of the public of "XIX Fira de teatre al career de Tarrega in 2000") and "Madame et Monsieur", an indoor theatre show (public prize for the best show of "Teatro del Mar"), 2 shows that toured in the whole world during several years.

In 2004 she created her first solo dance-theatre street show "De Paseo" (special prize at the "Feria de Artistas callejeros del Humor de Leioa- Umore Azoka").

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