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  • Contemporary dance
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  • Suitable for all ages
  • Running time: 1:00 hr

Oskara is an installation work that reviews some aspects of Basque culture.

This project means bringing together Kukai Dantza and Marcos Morau / La Veronal. It is the union between two choreographic universes and two perspectives of dancing that navigate between the most popular roots and the most avant-garde expression Oskara is an installation work that reviews some aspects of Basque culture, myths, from their origins to the present time, describing a plastic and emotional path of symbols and iconography with an ambiguous and disconcerting force which, in the most absolute way, contains within it the history of human experience. The dramatic code points towards a performance structured by an accentuated, almost violent, language of abstraction, where only the order of the arrangements can provide certain sensory logic.


Company Kukai dantza

A show by
Kukai dantza

Errenteria, España

The Danza Kubai Dance Company is considered to be a reference point in present-day culture in the Basque Country. Its director and choreographer, Jon Maya, has managed to create an original new style based on traditional Basque which is recognisable on the international scene. Kukai puts on contemporary dance shows based on traditional Basque dance – contemporary dance that takes the form of deep-rooted and ancestral dance combined with the most recent trends in performance.

The company comprises dantzaris who have been dancing since the age of 6 and have been together in the company since the age of 16. They have together evolved towards new ways of understanding performing arts in tune with modern times. It regularly joins forces with other artists and companies.

Its dance-theatre productions, created in partnership with Tanttaka Teatroa, have gained widespread recognition throughout Spain. Among other awards, it has received the MAX AWARD FOR PERFORMING ARTS (the most important performing arts award in Spain) for the production 'HNUY ILLA', as a novel new show. To this should be added the interesting work it carries out merging its art with well-known choreographers such as Cesc Gelabert, Israel Galván, La intrusa Danza (Damián Muñoz and Virginia García), and Jone San Martín (Forsythe Ballet), among others.

Kukai Dance Company also promotes awareness projects for dance and conducts training projects for young dancers.

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