Conditions of being a mortal

HODWORKS production

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  • Performance art, Contemporary dance
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  • Running time: 40'

After the stripped down, radical corporality of Dawn, Adrienn Hód's new production is physicality woven into a chain of emotion. The subconscious opens in a trance invoked by continuous movement. Splinters of sexuality, arias of impulsive gasps, a game of robust yet refined and sensitive humor, negating taboos. The torsos of four dancers rendered as a tangling of their inner histories. A negotiation between heaven and earth, and a triumph over prosaic urban reality.

Conditions of Being a Mortal(movement I. and movement III.) has been selected into 2014 Priority Companies by Aerowaves.



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Budapest, Hungary

Hodworks was founded by choreographer Adrienn Hód in 2007. Besides permanent members, the Budapest-based international company works with artists invited from different field of arts. Hodworks regroups sensible, proactive and forward-thinking creators having their own creative and concentrated working methods. They focus on the human body itself, liberated from any mediators, limits, sets or props. Hodworks pieces, always taking a new and progressive direction, are result of a long, creative body research based on improvisation, which appears in a strictly structured form on stage. Hód choreographies own a delicately developed, fine, high-quality language balancing between the exact and the very abstract representation. These pieces stimulate the audience’s spirit and senses and invite us doubting in the known and opening up towards the unknown. They do not compromise; they do not want to please.

Adrienn Hód is a unique and innovative creator of the Hungarian contemporary dance scene, well-known internationally. Her pieces, Basse danse in 2012, Dawn in 2014 and Conditions of Being a Mortal in 2015, have been selected into the 20 most outstanding contemporary dance pieces by Aerowaves European dance network. Her company, Hodworks regularly appears at international festivals and theatres.

Her choreographies tend to deconstruct, destabilize, and re-build already existing dance structures. The focus of her work is the performer's status, as related to extreme human states and verbal and physical expression. Hód's performances challenge taboos, enriched with a robust but delicate humour: a radical study of the body, free of prejudice. She opens up a parallel reality, which is built up from the unconscious and the ecstatic. Her audience is attracted to a “grey zone” where “presence” dominates “meaning”.

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