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What is this party? It is an absolutely fabulous 1920’s day picnic party. It is so cute. It is so fun. There’s live bands playing 20’s music and dance floors for the charlston etc, people pack their own picnics or get food from vendors, lovely cocktails and strong beers, and everyone there is dressed to the nines in their gorgeous 1920s outfits. It is a bit of time traveling. I am obsessed.

Plus it happens on Governors Island, which is one of my favorite secret, but not so secret spots in New York. It is only open to public in the summertime, has a rich history, and it is incredibly peaceful – no cars. You take the ferry to get there (I love the ferry) and can rent bikes while there. It is just the best, I try to go every summer and I was so glad I got to go during the Jazz Age party this year. And Governor’s Island has the most amazing view of downtown Manhattan. Love love.

We had a blast of a day, from our picnic lunch in the shade our our blanket, to a couple portrait sessions, to vintage shopping, to drinking maybe one too many St Germain cocktails (oops, me), to people watching, to running into some old friends, to the ferry ride to and fro. Well, actually we got on the wrong ferry that didn’t take us all the way back to Williamsburg, and had to cab from South Brooklyn or wherever we ended up, but that was fun too since I took a bunch of polaroids of us in the cab post-Jazz Age partying while the driver blasted ABBA.

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